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Usernames and Passwords

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Usernames and Passwords
I have got DBman up an working and added some of the mods, I think I have overloaded myself (brain) because for the life of me I cannot work out how to log in as a user who can only modify their own listing. What and how do you give a user a username and password?
I would obviously need to set it up signed in as administration.. but how?

Thanks Tracee

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Re: Usernames and Passwords In reply to
The easiest would be to add a link on your login form to also signup
In your html.pl file under the section "Authentication"

In sub html_login_form:

Add a link to sign up for an account such as:


if ($auth_signup) {
print qq|<CENTER><$font><B>You can sign up for an account by <a href="$db_script_url?db=$db_setup&signup_form=1">Clicking HERE</a>.</B></font></CENTER><P>|;

Then users would just choose their own username and password and then choose login to access the database.

Hope this helps it's not an overload Smile the link isn't there unless you add it Smile

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