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Security concern

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Security concern
Please correct me if I'm wrong (still developing UNIX talent)... if I make links the core of my site (or map links to any other subdir), and thus chmod 666 the */public_html dir or alternate dir (so that the pages can be written by links during the build process), doesn't this leave my site open to anyone else on the web? This isn't desirable... help me understand.
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It wouldn't make it accessible to anyone on the web, but it would make it vulnerable to people on the same server as you. You are better off:

1. Running under cgiwrap where the script runs as your own userid and you can keep permissions 755.

2. Making a subdirectory /links or /pages off of your root that is 777, not your home directory. You can always use .htaccess to have /links be your home page (i.e. add:

DirectoryIndex index.html index.htm /links/index.html

to your .htaccess file and the browser will go straight to /links/ if it doesn't find an index.html or index.htm in your root dir.

Hope that helps,