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Could This Be Enforced?

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Could This Be Enforced?

In order to effectivlely utilize the "Threaded Display" without the need to manually move messages from sent folder to the folder where threading is active could the following be possible :

Incoming messages are filtered to move to specific folders thru Advanced Filters setup. These folders are in threaded mode.

While replying to a message in a folder (Not Inbox) could a condition be enforced that the Sent Mail is also saved in that folder only. In case the reply is to a message in Inbox then the message is saved to Sent Folder (the default case).

If this could be enforced, then the need to manually move the message from "Sent" folder to specific folder from where the message is being replied to is eliminated. In other words, a Advanced Filter Option for the Outgoing Messages.... Could this be done?


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Re: [anup123] Could This Be Enforced? In reply to
I think your best for this would be a plugin. One way to get it done would be to put a hook on GMail::Messages::insert_user. If you look at admin/GMail/Compose.pm around line 908, that's where it inserts the sent email.

What you can do is, if the email is set to be sent to the Sent folder, find out the parent of that email (and the location of it), and if it isn't the Inbox, change the destination of the email to that folder.

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Re: [brewt] Could This Be Enforced? In reply to
Hi Adrian.

Advanced Filter has that To as a criteria for filtering. And the said objective could be achived enmass, by using the "Apply Filter" in Folders Management. But that's Post sending the mail which basically involves an additional "Manual" step.

Basically how can (if it can be)


be used for outgoing mails also so as to effectively use the Advanced Filter Settings on the outgoing mail also automatically?



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