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flexible authentication for DBMan SQL

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flexible authentication for DBMan SQL

I would be interested in the following features for DBMan SQL:

  • specify table access rights per usergroup instead of per user

  • specify the access right of a user (or group) per table while keeping only one userlist

  • allow certain users (or groups) to modify/view only specific columns

  • allow certain users to modify/view/delete only the rows of which they are the owner, where the ownership is stored in a related table (see my post)

A subset of these features would be nice as well. Smile For each item, I would be interested in the price (obviouslyWink), when it will be finished and how it affects the ease of future upgrades.


BTW the implementation should be secure enough to stop people who manipulate URLs (so fixes to the templates are not sufficient).


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jaspercram: Dec 4, 2002, 1:25 AM
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Re: [jaspercram] flexible authentication for DBMan SQL In reply to
Hm, very quiet in this thread... Frown

Is it because my questions are to vague, because my requirements seem impossible to implement (and even to give leads on which approach to take) or because it should be solved when community comes out, but nobody dares to mention that word anymore?

Anyway, I do need this feature at some point.Unsure It would be great if someone else can do it for me, but if that is not possible, I would really be helped with some suggestions....Sly

Thanks, Jasper