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file/ directory structure

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file/ directory structure
could someone post an exact description of the folders they have created for links, where they are and which files go where.

i have spent hour deciphering the cgi and cfg files to create a structure from the defaults mentioned here, but there are still files I'm not sure about. also where do you put the.html pages- in a folder called templates? (following the defaults)

the links readme seems to contradict wthe files i downloaded
thanks in advance

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Hi Ignition!

This is the way I have done it for one version of links I am running.

Off the cgi-bin I have a links directory, which has the admin and everything that goes with it.

The template files I have off my main root directory - the generated pages are the same. Off the root directory in whatever name you want to call that folder.

For the other links everything is running off the cgi-bin including a folder which I called templates.

Up to you.

Hope that helps.

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