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extracting code snippets

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extracting code snippets
Is it possible to tell GF or Links, GM to show up with code snippet that can be included via SSI or JSP into other pages?
These snippets might include e.g.
- 5 most recent posts in a certain area or the 5 top-links, ...
- information on how many users are currently online and whether new personal messages are available

Regards, Lars
Lars von Olleschik
MedXhead GmbH - http://www.medxhead.com
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Re: [ollesch] extracting code snippets In reply to

Yes, with Links it's easy to do as you have the ability to display any template you like. With Gossamer Mail you can do it to as long as you name your templates join_ (as otherwise you must be authenticated/logged in). With Gossamer Forum, you must add an action in the admin in order to display a template.

So you could do:

<!--#include virtaul="/cgi-bin/gforum.cgi?do=my_page"-->

and have that setup to display my_page.html which contains whatever you like on it (can use globals, etc).


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