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Bad/Malformed Header using PERL & PGP

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Bad/Malformed Header using PERL & PGP

I am currently getting the folloing error when trying to encrypt HTML form details:

[Thu Aug 2 13:08:51 2001] [error] [client xxx.xx.xxx.xxx] malformed header from script. Bad header=Pretty Good Privacy(tm) Versio: /usr/cgiwrap/cgiwrap

I am using a FormMailPGP script from Matt's script archive if anyone knows that place. The script works on other servers fine. My PGP key seems fine also. But this error occurs when passing all the required info to the script. I then get a box popup in Internet Explorer saying that it cannot download the file. But if I copy and paste the URL into the browser, the script runs fine, but just displays a banner. All references to "Content-type" have a lowercase (t) and other cgi/perl scripts seem to run fine, so PERL and Apache are set correctly.

Please Help!!!!