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[UPDATE] stuff
As you all know, I'm in the middle of a number of products. It seems that I keep going from one to the next, since parts I need for one, are better developed on another, etc.

That means things are probably going to be released at the same time, not sequentially. IT's similar to the problem GT had getting Links 2.0 out... you do one thing, and it shows you have to do something else first, and that means something else needs done... and so on.

I have the multiple-file upload system mostly worked out. I may release an alpha of that, to get ideas on what needs to be done, but the alpha will most likely not be compatible with the later versions, and it means converting your database if you do more than just "test" with it.

Part of the logic for this is needed for the Reviews system, and part of what the reviews system has is needed for the mutliple files.

I'm a little disappointed that no one has looked at the review code, and sent any suggestions, updates, or _anything_ about it.

I can't write this one alone, and if I should, I can promise it won't be free. It would be at least as much as Links itself. I'll have another minor update released tonight, with more pseudo code, but still -- no one has told me they've looked at the code, and have suggestions, or additions for it.

Once the multiple file upload module is done, I'll have some time to fix up the templates and to release the Postcards.cgi program, as well as a "UserRating" module that allows one-vote per user per link, with the option to allow the user to change their vote. This again is a part of the logic needed for the full review module.

Alex at least has help. I'm a one man show trying to do this, as well as keep the machines and other sites running. There just isn't enough TIME for me to do it all. That's why I suggested the GROUP idea for the reviews.

It would be the most successful "seller", but in order to get it out in a reasonable amount of time, an "open" group project is best.

One is not a group!

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