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Re: [Robert] Slow build
One more, please:

I need two value selected from table category

Name and "Path" <= i save the path for every cat for some reasons in the field Category.Path.

I use now to globals to fetch my data, but if i remember right i should something like this:

Template header <%global_name%>

Then use <%global_name.value1%> and <%global_name.value2%>

In the global i have to return an array.

Template calls Global <%Root(CatRoot)%>

Global Root SELECTS name and path of the RootCat.


sub {
my $catRoot = $_[0];
my $values;

my $cat_db = $DB->table('Category');
$cat_db->select_options ("", "");
my $sth = $cat_db->select (['Name','Pfad'],
GT::SQL::Condition->new (
) );
while (my ($name,$pfad) = $sth->fetchrow_array) {
$values = {
RootName => $name,
RootPfad => $pfad,

return { RootData => $values };

Template uses RootData at the header;
then RootData.Name and RootData.Pfad (path);

i will test it in a minute. :)

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