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Added fields to include_form template not parsing
Modify a link.

I've added additional fields to include_form.html template but whatever I enter does not parse. Do I need to add details to another file like modify.pm?

<div class="row clear">
<label for="DB_Column_5" class="name">Column 5:</label>
<div class="valueshort"><input type="text" id="DB_Column_5" name="Column 5" value="<%if DB_Column_5%><%escape_html DB_Column_5%><%endif%>" class="text"></div>
<div class="row clear">
<label for="DB_Column_6" class="name">Column 6:</label>
<div class="valueshort"><input type="text" id="DB_Column_6" name="Column 6" value="<%if DB_Column_6%><%escape_html DB_Column_6%><%endif%>" class="text"></div>
Anything modified in additional Column 5 or 6 fileds does not parse.

What am I missing or is it not possible to do this?

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MJB: Mar 14, 2020, 4:49 AM

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