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Re: [Andy] SPAM in Links 2.0
Andy wrote:
If the email remains the same, you can do something like this in add.cgi:

use CGI;
my $IN = new CGI;
if ($IN->param('Contact_Email') =~ /.*\@i.ua/i) {

..just before:

eval {
($0 =~ m,(.*)/[^/]+,) && unshift (@INC, "$1"); # Get the script location: UNIX /
($0 =~ m,(.*)\\[^\\]+,) && unshift (@INC, "$1"); # Get the script location: Windows \

That will make him think the record was added, but it won't actually submit it :) Obviously that relies on him still using the *@i.us email address when submitting.

Andy, thanks for the code, I appreciate it very much. I've updated the add.cgi file again with your code and began testing it. When I enter the SPAMMER's link information and specific email address (someone @ i.ua), the page simply refreshes and the entire fields which were typed in do not appear. Basically, the SPAMMER will not see the "Success" confirmation page, but is presented with the same blank add page. I'm using Internet Explorer v.7 and use the html templates in Links 2.0.

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Zoro: May 19, 2009, 9:48 PM

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