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How to send a PM by regular URL link?

Is there anyway to send a PM by clicking on a regular url?
(Maybe I'll get lucky and there will already be a way to make a simple URL to send a private message to a specific user based on their username in Gforum already)

What I mean is, that if I view someones profile, there is the button to "Send Private Message" however it seems that the button information has the user ID inserted instead of using the users name.
Since I'm coming from the Links system to message someone in our forum, I need to be able to place a url link in the links system detailed.html template that will bring up a page to send a private message to the link owner in our forums.

As it is now the URL bar on my browser shows:
Where 6 is the users id number. What I would be looking for a way to do is to have a url like:

That way I can add a link to contact the link owner through private message in our forums.

Can anybody tell me if there is an existing tag that can be used in Links to accomplish this, or what my options are at this point to accomplishing placing a simple url link in the detailed.html template that will allow people to send a private message to the link owner through GForum.


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