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Users table: Passwords can not be left blank
I would like to add a new field to the users table, named staff

I'm using community, so the users that are in the Links user table have no password listed for them.

When i attempt to modify a user so that I can set that members staff field to yes, and submit it, Im informed that password can not be left blank.

Is it safe to set password to "Not Null: No", since I'm using community to let people register and login etc?

And, am I going to have to do anything to the community system if I have added the staff field to the users table? Like do I have to insert any coding *somewhere* in the community system that forces it to write staff:No when a user first registers, or can it be ignored since it's not a required field in the users table?


2nd part: (I might as well keep it all in one location I suppose).

I want to make a text entry box show up on the include_form template only for those users that will have the staff field set to Yes. Is this correct syntax to do that:
<%if staff eq Yes%>place text area html coding here<%endif%>

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