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Re: [Andy] Any mod re-write Insturctions for dummies!!!
Hello again,
I used your re-write rules and seems to work except I have a bit different layouts fo directories and plugins.
I still have these issues:

1- The location of Plugins is not being covered in your .htaccess, as somehow, they give errors on the pages that they are called from.
2- My directory structure is: ...cgi-bin/scripts/admin/...etc.), and my templates are inside a new directory called "ads" (not "luna") .. so I need to note this one.
3- I have 10 extra CSS files located inside a CSS directory called "ads" also (not "luna") in the admin .. I need to point the location of these CSS files in the rules.
4 - PageBuilder pages seem to switch the pages to dynamic mode calls like: /cgi-bin/scripts/page.cgi?page=copyright;d=1 instead of re-write rule calls... so how can I create a rule so they can be called like any category or other pages...
5- I need to create a file in www/ called robots.txt .... how can I call it in the .htaccess...
6- I need to create a rule for the following line (it is a paging code to navigate through the same category):
Note: I called "more" as "next" and use .php extension for all my files (except templates).

<a href="<%db_cgi_url%>/page.cgi?g=<%category_id%>/next<%if paging.current_page%><%paging.current_page + 1%><%else%>2<%endif%>.php;d=1">
7- Any other suggestions or recommendations?!?!?!

Any help in re-writting these rules is truly appreciated....
Thanks much again...

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Mark2: Aug 10, 2008, 3:43 PM

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