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Re: [sangiro] Guestbook or Wall Plug-in?

Just an update =)

Initial features:

* User must be logged in to post to wall [ DONE ]
* Display last X entries on profile [ DOING NOW ]
* Post/write/submit a new guestbook entry [ DONE ]
* User can delete entries from his/her wall [ DONE ]
* Link to "View all Entries" [ DONE ]
* User can disable wall postings for his/her profile alltogether [ DONE ]

Advanced features may include

* Poster mark entry as "private" (so only the person who's profile it is can see it) [ DONE ]
* Ban certain users from posting to my wall [ DONE ]
* Allow only people with certain "flag" in db (example "friends=1") to post / view my entries - Going to do this as a custom mod for you (as per our communications)
* CAPCHA protection to post [ DONE ]
* Log user actions. ie. Be able to show who's written in who's wall. [ DONE ]

Admin features:

* Set max number of entries / user or 0 for unlimited [ DONE ]
* Allow HTML/markup/text only [ SEMI-WORKING ON ]
* Allow image tags / not [ NOT SURE I'M GONNA ADD THIS - as it'll be either markup on/off)

Just to keep people up-to-date =)

I'll update this post as I get further on.


Andy (mod)
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