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Re: [tandat] Sendmail exited with an unknown exit status
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It seems that your hosting does not support sendmail but smtp. Please just check with your hosting provider for this. I have work on a server and got a similar error and I changed the Email setup to smtp as "localhost" and its worked fine.

Hope this helps and Happy New Year!

They support both, I spoke with them today about it. We ran a few other scripts like for instance, Mattie's Form and Topsites by Solution Scripts.
I'm not saying it can't be on their end, but I can say for sure they are using sendmail. They have a windows side as well, they do their regular Pop and SMTP through that machine. I did try the localhost though, and I still get this:
Unable to send mail: Unable to send email: SMTP: connect() failed. reason: Unable to connect: No route to host at /admin/Links/User/Add.pm line 75.

That is not the full path, I removed some of the path. I don't personally like posting paths, but I assure you; it is the correct path. I really appreciate your effort. Most likely it is the host some how though, I was using this same engine on my pervious host; so I am going to try another host as well.


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