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Sendmail exited with an unknown exit status
I have a completely fresh install of 3.2.0 with all the updates even optional. (Templates have not been customized even.)

Sendmail exited with an unknown exit status: 16777215
All my paths are correct, I am able to use sendmail from other applications.

I did look at some old posts here, and yes my admin email address is correct.
It appears this issue was supposed to be fixed in like 2003, but this is a fresh install.

I am trying to move the search engine to a new address, I did do the update admin path from Gossamer site.
The site works except for sending email. I been working on this for a couple days now.

I started out trying to move the installation I was using. Then I did a completely 100% fresh install.
Thanks for any insight, I do appreciate your time.

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avery: Dec 30, 2006, 10:45 AM

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