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Re: [jdgamble] Help Getting Customizations Just Right
Sorry, you are misunderstanding me. I got them added in the columns, yes. What I'm talking about now is having that information displayed when someone comes to our directory looking for a VA and they click on a link. I want that link to show the owner's name, phone, yada, yada.

Does that clarify better? I'm not talking about setting them up; I'm talking about making that information appear when a link is clicked. Right now the only thing that shows up when someone is using our directory is the link name and the description.

(Hope I'm explaining clearly; hard to do) :)

Like here's my link in the directory:


As you can see, right now it only shows my biz name (the link name) and the description. I want the other information I indicated to be displayed between my biz name and the description. Does that make sense?

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