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Re: [ManuGermany] Where to change RewriteRules for Setup-Settings
I plan to add a feature into DirName converter plugin, which will automatically create/convert the new directory name, when a new category is added. This would make unnecessary to run the DirName converter plugin every time.
Also an advanced installer is under way to be created, so the required DirName column is added automatically to the database. You will not need manual action.
The only manual action you need to do, after installed & configured the plugin, to execute the directory name conversion on whole database, first time.

Would this match your needs?

EDIT, BTW: please don't call this feature as "RewriteRules", because RewriteRules are related to an Apache module & feature, while this is a software solution implemented into LSQL, and extended by the DirName converter plugin.

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