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Re: [Paul] [NEW] PM Filtering plugin (aka PM Block)
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There is a little bit of html to add into user_profile_basic.html - that is just the textarea for the username list, apart from that it installs itself and runs itself.
Could you spell this bit out in words of one syllable for me please. I've downloaded and installed the plugin, but the technical half of our site is unavailable at present so it's down to me to actually make it work. .... I've made the whole site "read only" in the interim in case I really mess it up so a quick response would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

P.S. Yes I did open the files to have a read and see if I could find the answer there = no. But this bit ..... "'uninstall' => 'Please don\'t uninstall me, what have I ever done to you?'," amused the heck out of me. Laugh

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bluesnavigator: Mar 30, 2005, 2:36 PM

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