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Re: [sktg] NEW Plugin for GForum: NewsArc
Here's a more detailed product information page (including features)


The NewsArc Plugin provides a gateway from GForums to USENET. It allows forum members to read newsgroup messages as well as to send posts to the newsgroups.


This Plugin is intented for GForum customers who would like to mirror USENET content into their local forums for their users in order to offer a content rich discussion environment. The Plugin is also an excellent tool to make a low traffic, content lacking site to become content rich overnight.


Some of the features include:
  • Handling of unlimited newsgroups and newsgroups servers
  • Support for MIME and UUencoded messages and attachments. Including MIME multipart and multiple attachments per message.
  • Completely integrated into the GForum admin screen
  • Hassle free installation. No need to modify GForum code.
  • The thread implementation will take References and Message-ID headers to correctly thread messages into your GForum.
  • Minimal CPU and memory overhead due to table design, indexes and use of .newsrc module.
  • Newsgroup posts will be treated exactly as if they were local forum posts, thus, making them searchable.
  • X-No-Archive header support.
  • Appended signature for outgoing messages where you can promote your products and/or services to a broad audience (USENET).


You’ll need the Net::NNTP and News::Newsrc modules from CPAN
GForum 1.1.8 or later. (may work in older versions, but not tested)
Any Newsgroup server(s) that allows reading/posting of articles. (Usually free)
A scheduler application, such as cron, that allows you to run the synchronizing application every n minutes. (ideally, you can sync every minute with practically no CPU overhead)


Simply select the plugin from the Download Plugins section of the GForum admin and install.


Will be provided either via the Gossamer Forums or via the support section or the SKTG site located here:


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