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Re: [jai] Having to re-login for each table
Nah, that doesn't work. **EDIT: when I try that on the URL's listed below, it gives an "invalid user or password error". That's even after I've logged onto one table, then moved to the next by adding &do=home at the end**

Let me give you an example. These are the actual URL's. Say I login into this URL:


The login details are test/test and you can view the records with those login details.

The above table shares the same user table and login details as the following table:


BUT (and this is where the problem comes in) I have to login each time I move between tables, or each time I visit the same table again, even when it's in the SID lifetime. All I want to be able to do is up put the above two URL's in a webpage so someone can go visit them, but only has to login the once per session , instead of everytime he visits one of the tables during the session time.

Thanks for the help :)


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