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Re: [Boomer] Display birthday
hello Boomer

The Code to Display birthday in every post
by using gossamer community

<%set mydate = GT::Date::date_transform($prof_birthday, '%yyyy%-%mm%-%dd%', '%dd% %mm%')%>
<%set this_time_old = GT::Date::date_get%>
<%set this_time = GT::Date::date_transform($this_time_old, '%yyyy%-%mm%-%dd%', '%dd% %mm%')%>
<%if this_time == $mydate%>
<img border="0" src="birthday.gif" width="81" height="26"></a>

put the code in the Template include_post_display.html
<%if user_icon%><%if not current_user_id or current_user_show_user_icons%>
or where you want to display the icon

greeting hoefti

But i cant display birthday_users on the Forum Index Page category.html

Every Ideas?????
linktobuy Web Directory
Ratgeber Recht

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hoefti: Nov 27, 2004, 4:39 AM

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