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Version 3.X Feature Suggestion

Just a suggestion for the upcoming 2k5 Version (V3.x) of Gossamer Mail:

Adding a Preview Mail Stuff which basically is a combination of:

(1). Spell Check With ability to correct at click of mouse
(2). SA Check for really seeing how the mail would score on a SA enabled server ... with a possibility to edit with suggested phrases, corrections etc so as to lower the score ...

Option 2 ideally having an Admin Control whether such mails which score above a given threshold should be allowed to be sent without correction or not. Say a composed mail scores 7 on a Preview Test and Admin would not want a mail beyond 5 to be sent out, then the account owner cannot send the mail without really correcting it to come below the threshold. This could perhaps reduce the chances of getting listed on RBL's.... possibly. This could go a long way in avoiding situations where Gossamer Mail headers get into some SA rules somewhere with passage of time as it has been observed with X-Gmail header due to some Nigerian Mail as per Adrian as posted in other thread.


Mail Me If Contacting Privately Is That Necessary.

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