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Re: [ryel01] Rules Emporium For SA Users
Integrate DCC and you would find SPAM reduced further. It helped to block about 40 SPAM messages per day which were nowehere to be deat with on any of the RBL's or any SA Rules. It's really greeat. However, whitelisting of the mailing lists (which obviously do not SPAM), should be taken care off before fixing the log and reject thresholds...

Operate DCCifd to keep resource usage low and also conigure your local.cf accordingly...
It's turning out to be great :)

SpamAssassin's EvalTests.pm need a fix as DCC could cause problems for an empty body message for which SA still calls DCCifd to do a check but wouldn't send the body...


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HyperTherm: Aug 29, 2004, 9:33 AM

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