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Re: [TheStone] admin unable to add record!
I'd like to be sure I understand what this change does. Here's the code before your suggested change.

if ( $self->{cfg}->{'auth_user_field'} ) {
$self->{cgi}->{$self->{cfg}->{'auth_user_field'}} = $self->{user}->{'Username'};

Could you explain what the current code does, and what your change would do?

Also : I am having problems changing the comp_id from hidden to text. I get this error message "This table already has a primary key." which is true - this is the primary key. Any ideas?

I don't suppose there's any way I could get dbman sql to display automatically hidden primary key fields only when an admin user is adding a record ? This would save me a lot of time manually designing forms ...

many thanks
Tim Ault
Oxford UK

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timbo: Nov 18, 2003, 10:45 AM

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