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Re: [brewt] msgs_list_include*.htm template help
Hi Adrian,

What i meant was following:

For Purpose of displaying only in msgs_list_include.htm

thru coding the truncation is set on characters to be displayed as follows:

Subject : 48

From/To: 24

Then i think the rest would be possible....The idea is to have the looping occupy 1 non wrapped row (without horizontal scroll) which would possibly result in more number of mesages being displayed per page for same page kb, besides making the formatting look uniform. This is perhaps how Hotmail does it whereby their Inbox or for that matter any folder has messages restrcited to signle non wrapped row. For example from an actual mail on Hotmail:

David Belton Anup - Power Up Your Classifieds, Isell Train... Oct 7

The actual Subject is

Anup - Power Up Your Classifieds, Isell Training Newsletter.

See how they have truncated the subjected as displayed in the Inbox.

Another example is truncation on from field:

JavaWorld's Enterpri... From the JavaWorld Archive: J2EE, Web service... Oct 14

The Actual From is: JavaWorld's Enterprise Java <.....@....>

Any suggestions



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anup123: Oct 14, 2003, 2:19 AM

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