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Re: [Herculinks] Denied Remote Count Software
I'm not sure creating a thread to vent your anger was the right approach. If this had been something affecting a wider audience then I could understand but it seems to be a private issue between yourself and Ian.

What was the purpose of this thread?...was it to show distress at what happened or was it actually just to have a public dig at Ian's choice to to refund you?

Please don't think my reply is intended to criticize you, I'm just interested to know why you chose to make it public (you can tell me via pm or not at all if you wish).

I think the author of any software has the right to deny a sale if it is in their best interest for one reason or another, I know Ian quite well through the forum and he's an easy going bloke and is unlikely to deny your sale without substantial reason, but like I said it is a private matter it seems.

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