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Re: [tandat] Custom & Unique Template For Each Domain

I got following error:

GT::Template::Inheritance (9340): Wrong argument passed to this subroutine

I am on GM 2.1 and the closest to what you have stated is as follows in login.cgi:

# Update the template set with the user's default template set.
$t = GMail->template_set();
$IN->param(t => [$t]);
my $default = $USER->{users_default_template};
if ($default and $default ne $t and -e "$CFG->{location}->{path}->{data}/templates/$default") {
$USER->update_template($t) unless $IN->param('no_update');

So what changes needs to be done?


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anup123: Jul 3, 2002, 2:31 PM

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