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Ian's Plug-In's :: What's Coming
I just thought I would make a general post of my current , possibles, and plugins underway:
    • Directory Depth - Available
    • Editor Monitor - Available
    • Remote Count - Available
    • Tool Box - 90% complete
    • NewsletterPlus - Underway - 10% complete
    • User Monitor - Possible

      With the exception of Directory Depth, my other plug-ins can be purchased and downloaded from my own website (see signature block).

Plug-in Symbiosis (information sharing):

I intend on linking some of the plug-ins, so that users who have serveral of these plug-ins will gain additional functionality, by sharing information between one plug-in and another. For example, my NewsletterPlus, which is an enhancement of the Links Newsletter system, will automatically gernerate an html newsletter packed with information from my other plugins, such as Top Editors, Top Counts, etc. There has also been suggestions to link the information between Editor Monitor and Remote Count. This is still in the idea stage, but I am giving it some serious thought!

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