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Re: [Paul] [Plugin] Error_Jump
This is a very unfortunate situation stimulated by the words of one person Paul.

Know that there are people that appreciate your efforts and look towards you amoung others to bring forward plugins that are insiteful, unique and useful. Removing them from the download area would be a loss as it has been with Ian removing his.

Hopefully Alex, Jack and the GT team will put together some changes that will enhance your offering and allow people that are buyers (not just talkers) to use the service.

Please do not let one person that has 67 posts which include asking for assitance (most you helped this person with), asking for free this or that, and whining effect your decision. This person does not dictate the actual perception of those of us that use the forum.

Thanks for being a very large supporter of a very large portion of the userbase here on GTs' forum.


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Teambldr: Jun 18, 2002, 5:50 PM

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