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Re: [pugdog] Install a global from a plugin?
Hi PugDog,


You can set up a directory in the Plugins directory called EditorsX (or something unique) and into that add the extra modules -- including something you can call "Globals.pm" or "Utils.pm" and you would reference that from your templates as described.

I am quite interested in doing this, but I need help on how to make this transformation, if you don't mind.

Lets say I have a global right now, which I want to inlcude in my plugin. I now create a file called Globals.pm and include this into my tar package (wizard helps me do this, so no problem here).
  1. How do I put my existing global into Globals.pm? What should this file look like? just a bunch of subs? (Like what stuff should I put at the start of this file) Do globals have to be modified at all, once they are out of they standard links globals.txt and into my own file?
  2. How do I call a sub/global from my new Globals.pm file in a template or plugin module?

I appreciate your comments.

Gosh, every little thing I learn makes a big difference to my abilities with these plugins! You guys better watch out, I may just have this editor monitor thing working soon!!

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