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Re: [LoisC] venting...
>>using such other foul language.<<

It is only foul because we are brought up to believe it is. In reality it is just a collection of letters just like any other word in the dictionary....and IMO as long as it isn't directed at a person (ie you f***** idiot)....then I don't really have a problem with it....thats not to say Im condoning it or saying you should believe what I believe...I was just adding my 2p.

I'm pretty open minded in general...nothing much phases me.

.....infact there are several variations in my English dictionary such as "fuck all" meaning "nothing".

I think words can have different meanings in different countries...the one that cracks me up that the USA use is "fannie".....that means your bottom or butt right?.....you really don't wanna know what it means here in the UK Laugh

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Paul: Apr 27, 2002, 1:03 PM

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