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Sumarizing what I found...
OK, I am sorry if it looks I am trying to spam the forum, I am not. I have playing a bit with GF and I found a few things I think should be addressed:

- There is hardcoded (at least on Mailarc.pm) path to home directory of jagerman, for libraries, that I think it should not be there. It does not stop the script from running, but...
- The Admin help title reads Links SQL 2.0, while it should be Gossamer Forum
- If I create a brand new database erasing the old one from the Admin, there are fields, that I believe Mailarc uses, that do not get recreated, hence the problem I previously reported. I am not 100% sure, but I had it working and stopped when I did the previously stated procedure.
- There are layout errors when deleting messages and topics, the result page, stating the successful deletion does not prints entirely.
- IP's from posting with Mailarc shows up wrongly, for example, on my test board will show as 8.11.6/8.11.6, which is the sendmail version I run.

On a different topic, are there templates available just for Mailarc use? I ask because I would like to trim long subjects and emails that would otherwise force cells (they do not have nowrap) and mess tables. If modifying the existing templates is the only way to go, fine.

I appreciate in advance the management reply.



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