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Re: [Alex] Possible Bug? Retrieve Lost Password
I finally duplicated the No such action 'GForum::User' both here and on our forums consistently by:
  1. Logging out (Window 1)
  2. Open the "Lost your password?" link in a new window (Window 2)
  3. Log in successfully at Window 1
  4. Refresh the "Lost your password?" page in Window 2 (d'oh!)
I kept trying to find another way to get this error because it seemed odd that someone would want to get a temporary password if they were already logged in, but I couldn't make it happen any other way.

No biggie. I'll just tell people to log out before they click "Lost your password?" Wink

If this occurs in a different scenario, I'll post it.

Thanks again,


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Jasmine: Feb 20, 2002, 7:16 PM

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