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Re: [pugdog] Yahoo sub cats question

There is a stylistic thing (problem) if you use the Description field in any of your templates. It's no different than the original YahooSubcats, in that SUB0 will show in front of the description.

I got around that by adding a Long_Description or Desc_Long field to the Category table, and initially copying over the contents of the Description field:

Update Category set Desc_Long = Description

Then, in the templates I used Desc_Long where I wanted more descriptions (such as at the top of the category pages) and used Description to keep a short 1-line description to be used in the subcategory.html file.

It works well, and is somewhat better than trying to have one field do it all.

BTW2: I found this old message http://gossamer-threads.com/...orum.cgi?post=145501 that explains a bit why I made some of the formatting changes, and what they do. Of course, the example link won't work until my sites come back up :)

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