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Konqueror displaying <nobr>
<%-- Since <nobr> tags don't work properly on Netscape 4 (they spill over the edge of the cell)
we have to make sure that there is no whitespace on the following line.
Since Mozilla (and Netscape 6) doesn't handle lack of whitespace properly (it will break at
the beginning of a tag) we still need to use the nobr anyway --%>
(from the forum_view.html template, concerning the "Last Post" column)

A development team that takes care of everything, congratulations.

However, have a look at the following snapshot of Konqueror (latest version) browsing the forum. (There's a line break between "(" and the author name).

Iyengar Yoga Resources / GT Plugins

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yogi: Nov 9, 2001, 6:52 AM

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