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Re: [Wil] Major Bug: Cookies Stored: Domains
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You should get v. 0.9.4! :-) Absolutely brilliant browser, innit?!

oh, actually I am... I'm still using 0.9.3 at work, but 0.9.4 at home. I noticed when I first installed it images kept on not showing up on first load with gforum, but now it's seemed to have stopped doing it.

it's a nice step for an alternate browser, yet there's a lot of little things which is annoying. For example, https pages never load for me in mozilla. Pages like hotmail don't work, and i find that lots of links refuse to open. Other than that, i must agree it's pretty nice.

ack, is it me or do the buttons for code/reply/etc not put it in the position you have the cursor now (well with mozilla anyways)?


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brewt: Sep 29, 2001, 6:21 PM

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