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the correct path name

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the correct path name
im new to links and NT as well. the hosting admin has given me the cgi-bin link as


however i do know not know what to enter for

# PATH and URL of Admin CGI directory. No Trailing Slash.
$db_script_path = "F:/INetPub/WWWRoot/cgi-bin";
$db_dir_url = "???";

my doman name is going to be eng101.com

thank you

also does link 2.0 work on NT without the IIs patch ?

Raymond Chau

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Strange... for some reason that just doesn't look like a NT path that should have been given to you. There should be something in there that would make this unique to your site unless your site is the only one hosted on this machine. If your administrator has set up an alias, the path he gave you could, in theory, point to anything. Assuming that he used standard naming, it will point to http://www.yoursite.com/cgi-bin/.

The problems associated with Links 1.x do not exist in Links 2.0. Alex re-wrote those sections so you don't need the IIS patch.