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Requests from a newbie......

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Requests from a newbie......
Dear Forum menagers;

In the manual of your "Links 2.0" it is stated that , a working copy of Perl 5.002 (or over) is necessary . Can you inform me the site address of an organization , from where I can download the software . I also have to ask , if "geocities.com" OR "Xoom.com" supports the "cgi" type of script necessary for running "Links 2.0" and , are they suitable for creating sub directories. Thanx in advance,

best wishes;

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You have to have access to your own cgi-bin or your server's shared cgi-bin. Also you would have to check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to see if they allow custom cgi scripts on their server.

Geocities does not offer accounts with cgi-bin access. Also, they do not allow custom cgi scripts to run on their server.

I do not know if Xoom.com allows custom cgi scripts.

Hope this helps.


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