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Install on Win98?

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Install on Win98?
I'm sure this has been asked before, but are their (simple) instructions on how to install and run links on Windows98? I'm running the Personal Web Server.

Thanks much.
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Re: Install on Win98? In reply to
I got it running using xitami server on standalone win98, let me know if you want more info.
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Re: Install on Win98? In reply to
Please fo post the reply.

I have been trying it to work with win 95 and OmniHttpd server.
As we say it, I am just seeing smoke!!!

Thanx in advance

Tapiwa Sibanda
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Re: Install on Win98? In reply to
Tapiwa,Heres how:

I run Win98 but you can run it with W95 you just need an extra file for the ActiveState version of Perl (more info on the ActiveState site http://www.activestate.com/activeperl/ ), go get the version of ActivePerl suitable for your system, install it to your c: drive, my path for perl is C:/perl

Next go get Xitami server version for your system http://www.imatix.com and install it to your c: drive, mine is at C:/xitami

You might need to remove microsoft personal webserver from your system (causes a port conflict with Xitami), go to Start, Control panel, Add/Remove Programmes, Windows Setup, Internet Tools, click details, uncheck Personal Web Server. (can be reinstalled if you wish at a later time by checking the box again).

Read the help notes for Xitami thoroughly, you should not have to change much in the way of configuration (if anything).

Install linksV.2 into the xitami cgi-bin c:/xitami/cgi-bin/ (I installed into a directory I made called links
i.e. c:/xitami/cgi-bin/links/ this keeps everything neat and separate from any other cgi`s you might want to run)

Change all occurrences of the shebang #!/usr/perl/bin to #!/perl/bin/perl (these are only in certain of the links files and enable them to find the installed version of perl on your system, change these to your web servers required perl path before uploading to your proper web server.)

Go into links file links.cfg
heres my code, should work on yours.

# Paths and URL's to Important Stuff
# --------------------------------------------------------
# PATH and URL of Admin CGI directory. No Trailing Slash.   
    $db_script_path   = "C:/xitami/cgi-bin/links/admin";
    $db_dir_url       = "";
# URL of User CGI directory. No Trailing Slash.
    $db_cgi_url       = "";
# PATH and URL of Pages to be built. No Trailing Slash.        
    $build_root_path  = "C:/xitami/webpages/links/pages";
    $build_root_url   = "";   
# PATH and URL of What's New page. No Trailing slash.
    $build_new_path   = "$build_root_path/New";
    $build_new_url    = "$build_root_url/New";

# PATH and URL of What's Cool page. No Trailing slash. 
    $build_cool_path  = "$build_root_path/Cool";
    $build_cool_url   = "$build_root_url/Cool";   

# PATH and URL of What's Rating page. No Trailing slash. 
    $build_ratings_path  = "$build_root_path/Ratings";
    $build_ratings_url   = "$build_root_url/Ratings";

# Database Options 
# --------------------------------------------------------
# You really need to use flock(). However if your system doesn't support it (Win95),
# then turn this off at your own risk!

    $db_use_flock        = 0;
# Use Pragma: no-cache to stop browsers from caching output? (0 = cache, 1 = nocache)
    $db_nocache          = 0;
# Use IIS headers? Set this to 1 if your web server needs the full headers (HTTP/1.0 etc.)
    $db_iis              = 0;
# Field number of category in category.db
    $db_main_category    = 1;
# Referers -- which hosts are allowed to add to your database.
    @db_referers = ();

# Email Options
# --------------------------------------------------------
# NOTE: Be sure to edit the text of the message. It can be found
# in the templates directory: email-add.txt, email-del.txt and
# email-mod.txt respectively.

# Set only ONE of either $db_mail_path which should go to a
# mail program like sendmail, or $db_smtp_server which will use
# a SMTP server. Do not set both at once!

# PATH of sendmail.                 # SMTP Server
    $db_mail_path     = '';         $db_smtp_server  = '';
# Email address of the administrator. BE SURE TO SET!
    $db_admin_email   = 'admin@admin.com';

# Notify visitors automatically when their links are validated?
    $db_email_add     = 0;

# Notify visitors automatically when their links are modified?
    $db_email_modify  = 0;
# Log all outgoing messages? Put the full path to a logfile and make sure it
# exists and is writeable (chmod 666 -rw-rw-rw-). This logfile can get pretty
# big!
    $db_mailer_log     = ''; 

The built pages will be made in the webpages subdirectory of Xitami, no permissions are required for any files or directories as they are on your machine, the http//: is most important as this is the loopback IP address used to simulate proper web urls within your machine. When calling pages (admin or built pages use as your domain name i.e. when placed in your browser should bring up the links admin pages and should bring up your links built homepage.

You will probably have some teathing problems as with any install, if you get it to run straight off though don`t be surprised.

Hope it helps,