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Fatal Error...flock? Help Please

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Fatal Error...flock? Help Please
Just finished installing links again an a windows 98 system running apache an active state perl (5.00503) Install went smooth till I tried to add a catagory, I get this error message..
Error Message : fatal error: flock() unimplemented on this platform at c:/Apache/htdocs/cgi-bin/products/admin/db_utils.pl line 345.

Script Location : c:/apache/htdocs/cgi-bin/products/admin/admin.cgi
Perl Version : 5.00503

I get that error whenever i try to do anything basically.

In links.cfg I have flock set to 0 and also tried setting it to 1, no luck. Any suggestions?

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I have attempted to answer your duplicate Topic in the LINKS DISCUSSION FORUM.


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