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won't send validate or modify e-mail

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won't send validate or modify e-mail
I downloaded the script just before your server went down the other day, very nice script.
Is there any other thing to change besides the 0 to a 1 in the .cfg script to make it send a confirmation e-mail to the submitter.
I cannot get this feature to work. (the initial form from add.cgi works fine for me)
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Re: won't send validate or modify e-mail In reply to
If you've already set the $db_email_add and the $db_email_modify equal to one, make sure you find the line like this:

# PATH of sendmail.
$db_mail_path = "/usr/lib/sendmail -t";

It needs to be set to the correct path (assuming you're on a Unix/Linux system) to your sendmail executable. You also need to make sure that the "-t" is at the end of the location of the executable. If you don't know where sendmail is, the technical support at your ISP should be able to tell you.