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Yet another NPH problem...

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Yet another NPH problem...
I hope you can handle yet another NPH problem. I've searched the message boards as thoroughly as i could to see if I could fix my problem, but nothing that has been suggested seems to work.

I'm not a CGI programmer, but I'm no stranger to CGI scripting either... this one's just got me baffled..

- all parts of the script are working except any that involve NPH, which returns a 500 error,
- I have uploaded all files in ASCII mode,
- the paths appear to be correct, and most of the functions (search, add, etc.) work fine,
- the path to Perl appears to be fine,
- I've attempted TNT's suggested modifications for those on Cobalt RAQ servers, no luck

I spoke with an admin from my hosting company (Concentric, a.k.a. XO.com) earlier. Although he was unable to tell me
whether or not the server can parse/execute NPH files, he did mention that the nph-xxxxxs scripts seemed to be written in a different "version of CGI" (his words, not mine - I didn't know CGI had 'versions'). He suggested making an explicit call to the CGI handler at the beginning of the script, but this is unfortunately all Greek to me.

The server is a Solaris box running a Unix variant... apparently the OS has been modified specifically for the hosting company. It's a Virtual Domain Environment (VDE) shell. (?) I don't know if any of this is helpful, but I figure the more info the better.

Due to this 'altered' OS environment, I'm unable to CHMOD my files or folders in the normal sense, although the server seems to allow CGI scripts to do what they need to do in terms of writing to and executing the necessary files. I am, in fact, unable to set specific permissions on any file or folder - the system seems to only accept a limited set of
permission combinations...

Here's the last part just for fun: the 500 server errors don't show up on my CGI error log at all... !

Anybody out there host with Concentric (now known as XO Communications) and have this problem? Need more info than what I've already posted here?



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Re: Yet another NPH problem... In reply to
Your server is probably NOT configured to EXECUTE NPH (Non-Parsed Header) files.

This has been covered quite a few times in this forum....and there is a FAQ in the Cobalt RAQ, which the same codes can be used on any server that is NOT configured to execute NPH files.

Another thing you can try is to change the nph-* file names to simply build.cgi, verify.cgi, and email.cgi.


Eliot Lee