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setting up the categories the first time

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setting up the categories the first time
Has anyone written a tutorial on the setting up of categories. I am a little confused about the original set up. When I tried to set up my original categories the program wanted to start at category ID 2 and not 1, I am confused about why it did not want to start at 1. Another thing I am not sure about is if you can insert html in the header and footer boxes. In the related box, when I added other categories it automatically made them related and I did not see any way to manually relate things or overide the auto relate the program did

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What you need to do is the following:

1) Make sure that your categoryid.txt file contains:


in the first line of the file. If you put 1 in this file, then, of course, the first category you add will have an ID of 2.

2) No...you cannot insert HTML text. All you can do is insert a filename and extension...like computer_header.html. Then you would upload computer_footer.html into your footer and header directories identified in the bottom portion of the links.cfg file.

3) About related categories...that should not be happening, unless you have inadvertantly selected "related" categories before submitting the categories. You also might be confused that all the categories show up in the "related" textbox...They all show up, so that you can select the ones that you want to be related.

Hope this helps.


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