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nph-build stalls on web browser

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nph-build stalls on web browser
Within the past two weeks, I suddenly noticed a problem building my site through the web interface. I'm currently maintaining 5000+ links in 675+ categories. If I attempt to do a build using the web interface, using "build-all," the build "stalls out" about half-way through, and will not complete. Using nph-build from a command line works fine, no stalling problem. I've tested with the staggered build feature in a web browser, no problems there.

I normally do my builds via cron, so I only noticed this problem last week while doing some maintenance. I've tested using different browsers, and on both dial-up and LAN connections, with the same results.

Has anyone experienced this, or have any ideas what is going on? I have no other problems serving any scripts or web pages.


Ron Charest
RCM TravelSite