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db's for sale

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db's for sale
a lot of people are asking about using dmoz data anw where they can get it from in links format. I discovered this site by accident when i was searching for something totaly un-related. I have not used them and dont think i ever would but they "claim" to have build links and category databases suitable for links 2 from odp data. Has anyone ever used this service and if so would you recomend it?


i dont think i would use for the simple reasons ...i like to have control over my directory and also i am to tight fisted to pay for it...Smile

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Re: [clickforchoice] db's for sale In reply to
A a metter of fact i have purchased Links SUite III and i have to say this is the best spider i have ever seen ... in one hour i have extracted few thousand links with title description email keywords .. and sort them into excel .. thex have also links GT converter ... very very nice ...

you won't be sorry .


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Re: [sc2utp] db's for sale In reply to
May be a good service, but dont get too carried away. Remember, links 2 can handle around 2-6k links (depending on what you have for each link). As clickforchoice said, he prefers to have control over his database, and using 3rd party things like the one in question is not the best way to do this, IMHO.

Andy (mod)
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Re: [AndyNewby] db's for sale In reply to
yea i agree....i supose it would be good to inster snippets into a category specific site... but i have to wonder how the odp would feel about people profiting from open source...Smile