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Not Including file

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Not Including file
I am trying to debug a problem of my
<%include header.txt%> not showing in my index.html files. I purposely deleted the header.txt in my template directory to at least see if any modules are looking for it and caused this error message to show up in the index.html...saying it cannot find the header.txt file. My question is ... does anyone know which module generates this error message.

I installed the if-include module in Template.pm I can debug this myself to solve my problems... but would like a tip if anyone knows which module is pumping out this error message.

PS... wow that was strange. The original subject of this Post should read
"<%include header.txt%> Not Including file"
it looks like the forum did script did not like the "<%include header.txt%>"

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Re: Not Including file In reply to
Talking to myself here and to those poor souls having this same problem and whom do a search on the words include header.txt (and found nothing).
Thanks bobsie for your direction to:
"See the thread at http://www.gossamer-threads.com/scripts/forum/resources/Forum3/HTML/002015.html and I think it might solve your problem." Yes Bobsie, it does in deed fix my
<%include header.txt%> not showing up in index.html files.

I know this thread may be a bit outside my original problems but in reality I ended up with two problems... one with Resource template not working and the other with my original Links2 not working so maybe a few key words in this thread might help those others doing a search ...
"<%include header.txt%>"
Also see thread at:
PS.. Might I suggest those who change mods (myself included) that we put a little comment in the top of each mod stating the change (even a one liner) than would help us all identify what is what and which mod is what mod. Smile Smile A BIG thanks (from an old time programmer) to Alex for this fine, and time saving forum and allow his fine works to be free for educational use (a great Perl lesson in well structured programming indeed).