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Versatility of layout

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Versatility of layout
So.... Just how versatile is Links2 ( not Links sql ) when it comes to varying the layout, headings, colour schemes, etc ?

Can anyone PM/Sticky me some websites where Links2 is running so that I can get some idea of what can be done with it in terms of layout customisation ??? It doesn't need to be anything to fancy.

Many thanks
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Re: [groberthall] Versatility of layout In reply to
You can do quite a bit with it. Most people tend to leave it as default, but a LOT more can be done that.

If you install the Enhanced Template mod, it gives you;

<%if field%>
<%if field eq ""%>
<%ifnot field%> .

... etc.

The way you lay it out is totally up to you, but from previous experience it is pretty versatile.

Links SQL on the other hand.. now thats another matter. The power in that template system is just totally immense :) (but, as you said, you want to know about Links 2, not Links SQL Tongue).


Andy (mod)
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Re: [groberthall] Versatility of layout In reply to

The resource center:


linked in the GT Support section is the first place to look. Wink
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Re: [Stealth] Versatility of layout In reply to
Thanks for that.
This is good stuff, and its easy ( when you know how )Smile