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Verifying Links Problem

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Verifying Links Problem

I have following problem:
When I start Quick Check, or Detailed it works for the first 50 Entries but then it stops. I have now round about 300 Entries, is this the problem?

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This has been discussed MANY times in the Installation, Discussion, and Modification Forums...The problem is with your CPU rate configuration...It is set too low and your browser and server are timing out the process.

What you need to do is one of the following:

1) Contact your hosting company and ask them to increase your CPU rate to above 60 seconds.

2) Use telnet to check the links...execute the nph-verify.cgi file in the following manner:

perl nph-verify.cgi > verify.log

The better thing to do is set up a Crontab for the nph-verify.cgi EXACTLY like you would for the nph-build.cgi, which is outlined in a FAQ in the Resource Center.


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